Success Stories

The main goal of Great Pyrenees Rescue of Greater Chicago is to place orphaned Pyrs in permanent, loving homes. These pages reflect the accomplishment of that goal.

As of 07/18/2017
Great Pyrenees Rescue
of Greater Chicago
has placed 189 dogs.

We are pleased to share
their success stories with you.


Charlotte  Charlotte  Charlotte
ADOPTED! Charlotte's owners were moving, and she was left behind at her local animal shelter. She's a very sweet young lady, about 2-3 yrs. old. She is good with all people and has been good with other dogs. Charlotte walks well on leash; even children have been able to walk her. When she was turned in, the shelter shaved her down, due to severe matting. Her glorious coat has now grown back, and Charlotte is once again very beautiful. We would love to see Charlotte placed with a loving family where she could be their center of attention. She would reward them with her devotion and unconditional love. If you are interested in Charlotte, please complete the online adoption application.


Howie  Howie  Howie
ADOPTED! Howie is about 8 yrs old, and a rescue alumnus. He was returned to us when his owners and could no longer provide proper care. Howie is a very sweet, gentle giant. He gets along well with people and other dogs. He has an easy-going personality, walks well on leash, and enjoys being petted and told he's handsome! If you are interested in meeting Howie, please complete the online adoption application.

Bear and Brooke

  Bear and Brooke  Bear and Brooke
ADOPTED! Bear and Brooke are 11-yr-old dogs, who have come to Rescue due to the owners' divorce. Both dogs are in excellent health and up-to-date on vaccinations, spayed/neutered and micro-chipped. Both dogs are very loving with people and enjoy being with them. Since they are senior dogs, they are no longer as active as they once were, but they still enjoy being walked and spending time outside. They are not tightly bonded to each other, so we will consider individual placements. These dogs deserve a special family where they can enjoy the remainder of their lives. If you are that special family, please complete the online adoption application.


Gracie  Gracie  Gracie
ADOPTED! Gracie came to rescue from a local animal control facility. She's a young girl, about 2 to 4, and enjoys people. She does not do well with cats. She is possessive about her food, and will be placed as an only dog with owners who understand this breed. If you are interested in adopting a Great Pyrenees, please complete the online adoption application.


Dolce  Dolce

ADOPTION PENDING! Dolce is a very sweet Pyr, about 6 years old.  Her family is going through a divorce and can no longer provide her with proper care. The family is heartbroken and is "owner/fostering" until a new family can be found for their sweet girl. Dolce has food allergies, but when kept on her specific food and treats, she's happy, healthy, and without problems. If you are interested in adopting a Great Pyrenees, please complete the online adoption application.


martha  martha

Martha and her brother Marvin came to Rescue from suburban shelter where they were picked up as strays. Martha is a sweet girl, about 4 years young. She enjoys meeting people, and wags her tail with pleasure when getting rubbed. Martha gets along well with other dogs and would enjoy a family who will give her time and attention. If you would like to meet Martha, please complete the online adoption application.



Tucker and littermate Luci-Lu came to us from a local shelter. Their owners adopted them as puppies, but do to declining health, could not properly care for them. Both dogs have been treated for heartworm disease. Tucker, with his very dark badger markings, is very striking, and everyone gives him a second look. He's fun, playful, and eager to please. He needs a family who will provide him with the proper training and most of all, love. If you are interested in Tucker, please complete our online adoption application.



ADOPTED Success story to follow.



ADOPTED! Success story to follow.



ADOPTED! Success story to follow.



Fabio came to us from western Illinois where he was picked up as a stray. When no one claimed this white gentle giant, he came to rescue.


Gerri and her littermate Ben were found running loose in a rural area. After several days, the local animal control was able to catch them. No one came looking for them, so animal control called us. Both are now adopted. (See Ben below.)

(formerly Ben)



We adopted Tregan (formerly Ben — Gerri's brother) about a year ago. My husband and I came to visit your shelter with our other adopted Great Pyrenese, Nanuq, to make sure that she would get along with Tregan. I have to say that Nanuq picked him. When he was brought around front, Nanuq walked right up to him and gave him kisses. Tregan's been a part of our family ever since.

I've attached some photos of Tregan and some with Tregan and Nanuq. He's still "puppy," and having him around has completely changed Nanuq for the better — she has come out of her shell, is less timid, and more playful with us (and of course with Tregan). We received a gift when we adopted Nanuq more than two years ago, and we received another when we adopted Tregan.


ADOPTED Zoey is a 10-month-old female. She is great with other dogs. She is quite the charmer with those big black eyes, loves to be petted, and is eager to please. She'll need some training with her new family to learn how to walk nicely on a leash, and will give her family lots of love in return.


Levi has been adopted. Success story to follow.



his is a picture of Jeeves (he was "Randy" when we adopted him 2 years ago) at Christmas 2011. This is the adorable look he gives you if you stop petting him! It is totally irresistible and completely effective, so people pet him a lot. Everyone loves Jeeves! Our family, friends, neighbors, and complete strangers adore him. I'm not exaggerating. He charms the socks off of anyone he meets. His gentleness is evident to children especially. They flock to him, and he loves every moment.

While we are sure the neighbors are happy that we adopted him, their pleasure cannot match our happiness and gratitude for the chance to have such a noble dog in our family. Jeeves is the perfect match for our family and has become absolutely essential in our day to day lives. My husband has a disability that has worsened considerably. Jeeves has responded by instinctively being a perfect therapy dog. Each day, as the kids leave for school and I leave for work, I am not leaving my husband alone. I am leaving him with a kind and attentive friend who is clearly a tremendous example of his breed.

Thank you for entrusting us with the care of Jeeves. The only problem I have is that many people offer to take him from me! Even my own father-in-law threatens dog theft. Don't worry, we are ever vigilant, and Jeeves will be with us for good!

The Yandell Family


ADOPTED! Bessy has been adopted. Success story to follow.


ADOPTED! Roxy has been adopted. Success story to follow.


ADOPTED! Penny has been adopted. Success story to follow.


ADOPTED! Scout has been adopted. Success story to follow.


ADOPTED! Poppy has been adopted. Success story to follow.



ADOPTED! I had rescued Otis (now Otis Lamont) 4½ years ago. Otis is doing great; he was always meant to be my dog :) He's the sweetest guy, and is a celebrity dog in the neighborhood here in Chicago, appearing on WGN and in the Tribune. He was known as 'the mayor of Dilworth' when we lived in Charlotte.

Otis has gone on to fly in a private plane, ride on a Chicago Fire Dept truck, move to NC and back, and was the first ever 'Dog of the Month' at Yuppy Puppy day care in Lake Bluff. He's truly the best dog in the world, and no one could love him more than I do.


Kodiak has been adopted. Success story to follow.


Sophie has been adopted. Success story to follow.


Charlie has been adopted. Success story to follow.


Emma has been adopted. Success story to follow.


LilyAnn has been adopted. Success story to follow.


I have had adopted Amber a couple of years now, and she is the queen of the house.  She has gotten two dog partners-in-crime that were adopted as well. She has enjoyed the love of not only me, but an entire fire department (which I am a part of). There is not a day that goes by that we cannot wait to see each other. Amber is a dog for all seasons. She loves the winter, biting the snow. She likes the summer as she splashes in her own kiddy pool. She has become the leader as we'll walk around town, and loves the bark park and playing with other dogs. I cannot believe that Amber did not find a forever home before me; you could not ask for a more purrrrrfect dog. I am honored that she allowed me to be a part of her life. She is still going strong and loving life.

Brett G.


We adopted Hero on June 14, 2010 on an overcast and cool day, but had met him on a visit about a month earlier. From the moment we laid eyes on Hero, we knew that he was supposed to come home with us! And when the day came to pick him up, he jumped right in our car and began licking our hands and faces from the back seat as though he had known us forever.

Hero has been a real joy from the beginning. We had wanted a dog for a very long time and feel like we had been waiting for him! He and our cat Desdemona get along so well — we had been worried about how they would do together, but Hero has always been a gentleman to her, and we find them often asleep side by side on our bed!

Hero is a big cuddlebug, and thinks he weighs about six pounds instead of 100. He is our "alarm clock" in the morning, and climbs in our bed at the same time every day to wake us. He is a quiet dog, barking very rarely, and makes a sound usually only in the morning, a stretching groan!

He has already traveled with us by car to the East Coast and back twice, for a summer road trip, and again for Christmas. Both times he has been surrounded by lots of people, dogs and small children, and has been loved by everybody he meets. He is a gentle giant. My grandmother has taken to calling him "Prince William the Magnificent" after their visit this summer. Hero is an excellent raveler, and is always eager to hop in the car for a ride.

He is well loved at our local dog park, and is best friends with a shar-pei named Jackson, who he loves to wrestle with. The children that frequent the park also love him, and he is ever patient with their attention.

We are so grateful to Great Pyrenees Rescue that you gave us the gift of sweet Hero. He has brought so much joy into our lives, and every day we are grateful to have such a sweet soul of a dog.

Many thanks again,
Emily and Lane, Desdemona and Hero


ADOPTED! All her letters to Santa paid off. Chloe has a home for the holidays! Like many of our pyrs Chloe is now with a family who has adopted from GPRGC before.

UPDATE: We adopted Chloe on December 11, 2009. She had been in rescue for a bit over 6 months, and had to be an only dog. Since we only have one dog at a time, we felt that she was for us. She was probably about 1½ years old at the time. We knew that we were hosting a couple of family events at Christmas, and we were a bit concerned about this, but it was time for us to have another Pyr.

On our way home from her adoption, we stopped for a while in the shopping district at Long Grove. While Diane looked for presents, Chloe and I walked the streets. She attracted lots of attention, and was a great ambassador for the breed. Since then, she has repeatedly been a big hit there, in Geneva, and in our neighborhood.

hristmas came, and a bunch of relatives — including a baby and an Irish Setter — descended on the house. Chloe was quite the lady. She was happy to see all of the people (and the Setter), and quickly settled down without being a pest at dinner.

Since then, she has endeared herself into our lives. Warm or cold, she spends lots of time in our fenced yard, barking fiercely at any person or dog who has the effrontery to walk by. She looks forward to her daily walk (one way with Diane — a different way with Chuck) every afternoon. This week we have just received a Dog Friendly Area in our local Chicago park, and she really enjoys saying "HI" to the other dogs.

Most recently, Chloe took 1st Place in the Edison Park (fun) Dog Show as "Largest Dog", and finished 2nd in "Best in Show" to a German Shepherd Rescue who had quite a routine with a soccer ball in the "Pet Tricks" category.

While we haven't had a young dog in about 20 years, she has truly been a joy, albeit an active joy!


ADOPTED! Randy is a young boy, about 2 years old, who rides nicely in the car. As you can see from his pictures, he likes to give hugs. Success story coming soon.


Mikey has been adopted. Success story to follow.


Ozzie’s foster parents fell in love. Shortly after bringing him into their home they realized they would not be able to let him go when the time came for him to be adopted. So Ozzie found his forever home in record time, and is already living his happily ever after.


Mac has been adopted. Success story to follow.


Sylvia has been adopted. Success story to follow.


Perry has been adopted. Success story to follow.


Abbey has been adopted. Success story to follow.


Nessa has been adopted. Success story to follow.


Tasha was an emergency foster from Joliet Township Animal Control. The family dumped their puppy after having her for 2 weeks. She was too big for their house! The shelter was full so she came home to the Boyle house, home of Pyr Rescue alumni Hannah and Roz as well as Mona, a Kuvasz and Bo a Bernese Mountain Dog. As Tasha grew, it was clear she wasn't a purebred Great Pyrenees, but something else mixed in. Tasha sailed through basic and intermediate obedience class with the best eye-contact and quickest recall of any dog there. In the backyard. She loves to retrieve the ball, chase birds and squirrels (if she could climb the tree, she would) and has more energy than any dog we've ever had. People ask us what kind of retriever we have. We think she’s a Golden Pyr mix. Whatever the genetics, she's lots of fun and keeps everyone on their toes. What a wonderful addition to our house.


Glacier has been adopted. Success story to follow.

Billie Jean

Billie Jean has been adopted. Success story to follow.


Taffy and another Pyr were found as strays in Will County before coming to GPRGC. After she was evaluated at Marcy’s kennel and spayed, Taffy was ready for a foster home. She went to stay with long-time volunteers and foster parents Donna and Randy Sybert and their three dogs, Sam, Emmy and Cindy. Everyone was so happy with the arrangement that Donna and Randy decided to adopt Taffy and make her a permanent part of their family. Since Pyrs are a working breed, Taffy enjoys going to work with Donna at her landscaping business.


Lucy has been adopted. Success story to follow.


Boyd has been adopted. Success story to follow.


Cosmo has been adopted. Success story to follow.

Plato (formerly Yukon)

Many of you remember a dog we called Yukon who was with us a long time because he needed a home where he could have all the attention to himself. We were so glad when Yukon found his forever home and his special person. He is now named Plato and lives in Chicago. His new mom, Susan Cho, says, “Plato is a magnanimous, majestic, and marvelous dog. I am so happy that he waited for me for a whole year. Initially I wanted to adopt him a year before the actual date of his adoption. It was just meant to be. I tell people about rescue when they stop to talk to me. Thank you.” We’d also like to say “Thank you” to Susan for the time she spends at the kennel walking dogs who are waiting for their forever homes.


Johnny has been adopted. Success story to follow.


Al has been adopted. Success story to follow.

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